Medicare & You # 10050 Coverage Choices Section
Medicare & You # 10050 Coverage Choices Section

What are my coverage choices MAPD vs Original for Medicare Coverage?

Check out the video at right and/or see Medicare & You # 10050 Page 17 et seq, from Medicare to learn more about your choices of how to get coverage and any coverage to pay for what Medicare doesn’t cover when you first enroll or if you already have Medicare.

Click below to learn more about the three main options:

Medi-Gap – Supplemental – Basically pays the Part A Hospitalization Deductibles and 20% Doctor Visits that Medicare doesn’t pay.  Doesn’t include Prescriptions.

Rx Prescription Drugs PDP – practically mandatory coverage, as there is a penalty if you don’t buy it, imposed when you eventually do purchase Rx coverage.

Medicare Advantage – MAPD   –  Generally very low or no premium and includes “PD” Prescription Drug coverage.

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