Medicare appeals issues, claims, problems, etc.

Medicare Complaint Form on Medicare.Gov

Medicare Appeals Publication # 11525 60 pages

Medicare Rights & Protections  Publication 11534

Rights & Protections for

Everyone with Medicare

Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage Plan or Other Medicare Health Plan

Prescription Drug Plan

The Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman

Sample Evidence of Coverage

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See our general section on Appeals & Grievances

AARP Procedures on problems, complaints & appeals

AARP Procedures on problems, complaints & appeals from EOC

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Filing an appeal with Medicare

Medicare Claim Processing Manual
Medicare Appeals - Publication # 11525
Medicare Appeals – Publication # 11525
Medicare & You 10050 – Appeal Rights –  Table of Contents

FAQs / Ask Us a Question

With all your experience, is there any effective [grievance] agency for me to go to with the HMO Medicare advantage plan [UHC – AARP] I have?

One of UCLA, Endocrinologists made a huge medication error, from which I am very ill.  UCLA has denied me a second opinion or a higher level of care.


***One of the very best places to view your rights and procedures for claim problems, appeals, grievances is in the full EOC – Evidence of Coverage  that you have a right to view before purchasing or when you get it in the enrollment paperwork or shortly thereafter.  Get your  EOC go to Table of Contents – Then look for Appeals, claims procedures, etc. and of course the explanation of benefits and if your issue is actually covered.

Click here to read more of Patty’s situation, she has certainly been there, done that and got the T Shirt.

Sibling & Child Pages

Our general section on Appeals & Grievances

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