How can I get explanation of benefits for recent MRI and X rays, copies of bills, Etc?

Change my Address?

Get New ID Cards?

We suggest that you create an account with Social Security  and   Medicare  then you can log in and replace your card, in addition to getting tons of other information, like the explanation of benefits for any claims you have.  The new card takes about 30 days to get.  You can also change your address, etc.

For your Blue Cross Medi-Gap  or advantage plan here’s how to create and the benefits of a member portal.   If you have trouble, we can create it for you and order a new ID card or we can simply order and ID card for you.

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HHS – Same Question

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Instructions to appoint us as your broker with Covered CA – no additional charge!

Insure Buy International Medical Coverage

InsuBuy International Medical Coverage – Instant Quotes & Enrollment

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Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote

Is your Family Protected with Life Insurance? Click here for Instant Quote

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