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If you want a Provider Directory mailed to you, pdf for a county not listed above or if you need help finding a network provider, please call  Blue Shield (800) 963-8008 [TTY 711] or email [email protected].

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11 comments on “Provider Directories, Search Tools & Instructions

  1. HI Steve:

    Why can’t I find my specialist doctors listed when I search Blue Shield 65 plus site?

    I do find primary care doctors at UCLA Health in Santa Clarita but not my specialists Donin (Urology) and Smith (Pulmonology) who I see at the UCLA Health Santa Clarita Primary and Specialty Care clinic.

    I see them as a traditional Medicare patient, which I switched to from Blue Shield 65 plus because at the time UCLA would not accept Blue Shield 65 plus.

    I understand from your video that now they do.

    My concern is whether the primary care physician is going to direct me to see some other doctor at that clinic who also practices the same specialty but not the doctors I have been seeing because I am a ” UCLA Medicare Advantage” patient instead of a traditional medicare patient.

    What is your view about this?

    Thanks so much for your help, Steve.

    Neil R

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