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5 comments on “PPO Blue Cross Orange County”

  1. Anonymous says:
    I’m curious to find out are there any Medicare Advantage PPO‘s available in Santa Barbara as opposed to the United Health Care HMO that I presently have.


    I never liked going through the general doctor to get a recommendation.

    • I believe we checked that out before and there was not much to offer in Medicare Advantage in Santa Barbara county.


      2021 plan information will be available October 1st.

      Check our website as we post the new information or link to it. We can also check ALL companies for you, including those we’ve chosen not to represent. Not that there is anything wrong with them, it’s just that the companies we do represent, we know who to contact and get things accomplished.

      Medicare Advantage PPO’s are few and far between. When they are available, the out of network charges can be pretty extensive. See the Evidence of Coverage or Summary of benefits.

      Medi Gap plans, if you can qualify medically or find a guaranteed issue provision like when a MAPD plan changes benefits more than 15% would allow you to see any MD anytime!

      If you would like to set a zoom or phone meeting to discuss this, now or after the 2021 information is released, here’s our scheduling link

  2. Anonymous says:
    Is there a different plan that has lower Chiroprator deductible than my present plan which is 750 has deductible?


    After Deductible it only pays a percentage of Chiroprator visits.

    • Sorry, it turns out that the deductible is actually $975 per the summary of benefits on page 10.


      Chiropractic is covered with a $20 co pay if the doctor is in network and $50 if not.

      Just to double check, the evidence of coverage with more detail on 248 pages. Page 46 shows no deductible for Primary Care and Specialists. I can double check about chiropractors. Please 53 sounds for sure like chiropractic is subject to the deductible.

      The BIG advantage to this plan is that it allows you visit MD’s not on Blue Cross’s list and the PPO list is larger than the HMO list in Medicare Advantage plans.

      How important is freedom of choice of doctors and hospitals for you?

      We can also double check the Medi Blue Plus and Select Plan (Richer Benefits fewer providers)

    • Here’s a side by side comparison of Select, Medi Blue Plus and your current PPO. It’s a FEDERAL CRIME to alter stuff… So, this is what is shown by Medicare.Gov. We can discuss this over the phone… Please use our scheduler to set a time.


      The HMO Plans do not have a premium or deductible. Chiropractic from plan providers is zero in the select plan and $20 in the plus plan. Please review the summary of benefits and eoc evidence of coverage available on those pages or our website.

5 comments on “Medi-Blue Select – Focused – Narrow Network – Richer Benefits

Mircea N. G says:
How do I find a PCP Provider in the plan “mediblue select” in SAN FRANCISCO zip: 94122 ?
    • Thanks for asking. This is how we make sure our website is useful, informative and answers questions. We updated this page and the search engine and instructions are in the upper right hand corner.


      There is no extra charge to appoint us as your agent. Here’s the form.

  1. Melanie says:
    Does Anthem Medi-blue select HMO include UCLA Hospital and UCLA doctors?
    • Get more details on this page. If you have further questions, please post there. Did you want to enroll in a plan now? Do you have a special enrollment period? Did you just turn 65?
  2. Akbar N says:
    i would like to view my explanation of benefits for recent MRI and X rays. where do i find this information since i haven’t received a copy in the mail.


    ***We will answer that question on this page.

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17 comments on “Anthem MediBlue Plus

    • Go back to the top of the page and click on the summary of benefits for your county. There are benefits that are included at no charge and then there are 3 optional packages. Here’s a screen shot of option # 3. If you would like to add dental to your plan, just email us and we will send you the forms and to appoint us as your broker no additional charge.

      Here’s the Anthem Provider Finder.

  1. I would like a booklet of Summary of Benefits mailed to me..

    Who do I contact to make that happen?

    • When you appoint us as your broker, no additional charge as Blue Cross pays us, it saves them time and $$$ we can do that for you.

      You can download from the link above.

      Check the service # on the back of your ID card. Contact your current broker. Call Blue Cross at this # 1-855-816-3087

      Don’t forget, if you appoint us as your agent, no charge, you’d be done now.

    • If you just click on the summary of benefits above and then review the document, you will see this page that says zero premium

  2. I have aarp meidcare complete by United Healthcare. I was with UCLA in santa monica and my doctor is no longer in network. I would like to stay with ucla. Does anyone who lives in Torrance use Dr. Gloria S Kim

    ***We will answer that question and show you how to use the provider finder on this new page.

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