What Plan F pays in addition to Medicare Parts A & B
What Plan F pays in addition to Medicare Parts A & B
How to pick a Medi-Gap Policy - Publication # 02110
How to pick a Medi-Gap Policy – Publication # 02110
A - N Chart - Medi Gap Plans
A – N Chart – Medi Gap Plans
Medicare & You – Federal Publication
Medicare Provider Finder
Medicare Provider Finder

Medi Gap – Supplemental –  policies will pick up most of the deductibles and co pays that Medicare Parts A (Hospital) and B (Doctor Visits) do not.  Virtually EVERY licensed MD and Hospital accept Medicare and thus any Medi-Gap Plan!   Click here to see an example of how plan F pays in addition to Medicare Parts A & B.

When you purchase a Medi-Gap plan, rather than a Medicare Advantage Plan MAPD, you will also need to get  Part D Rx Prescription Coverage.

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Please note that Medicare doesn’t cover outside of the USA, (foreign travel) except in very limited Emergency circumstances.  Medicare & You Most Medicare Advantage Plans and Medi Gap plans will give you $50k emergency coverage for say up to 60 days of travel.  If you want more coverage, check out our International Travel Vacation Plans.

 Resources and Misc. Information

Costs at a Glance or full details on Medicare’s Website. ♦  CA HealthLine – 2015 costs to remain the same

Medi Gap Federal Comparison Tool

Medicare Provider Finder

Consumer Reports on the lack of star ratings &  best (they said it, not me) Medi-Gap plans

Introduction by Steve Shorr


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  Technical Resources

CA Actual Law ♦ definitions  ♦  Creditable coverage   ♦  plan N shall include only  ♦  10192.11. (a) (1)  ♦  Part B is entitled to open enrollment described in this section for six months following:  ♦

Medical loss ratio standards



Module 3 – National Training

42 U.S. Code § 1395ss – Certification of medicare supplemental health insurance policies


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