Introduction to Medi Gap – Supplemental

Extra Coverage Plans –  Policies

A Medicare Medi Gap – Supplemental plan will pick up most of the deductibles and co pays 20% that Medicare Parts A (Hospital) and B (Doctor Visits) do not. 

Virtually EVERY licensed MD and Hospital accept Medicare and thus any Medi-Gap Plan!

Click here to see an example of how plan F pays in addition to Medicare Parts A & B.

When you purchase a Medi-Gap plan, rather than a Medicare Advantage Plan MAPD, you will also need to get  Part D Rx Prescription Coverage.

What is a better choice for Me?

Medi-Gap or Medicare Advantage?

Please note that Medicare doesn’t cover outside of the USA, (foreign travel) except in very limited Emergency circumstances.  Medicare & You   

Most Medicare Advantage Plans and Medi Gap plans will give you $50k emergency coverage for say up to 60 days of travel. 

If you want more coverage, check out our International Travel Vacation Plans.

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What is Medicare Assignment?

Ways to save money $$$ on your Medicare Plan

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  1. I’m disabled & I get medicare.

    I cant afford the late enrollment part D penalty. Can I get rid of this extra charge & what qualifies me to get help paying for or get rid of a monthly part D late enrollment penalty?

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