Blue Shield Medi-Gap HISTORICAL page.
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Medi Gap – Supplement Summary of Benefits & Rates  8.2014
Plans at a glance 8.2014
Paper Application
Easy Pay Form 

Sales Presentations….  Medicare Options    Medi Gap – Supplements

 Member Services 800.766.4466800.766.4466 Contact Information
Medicare Provider Finder (Any MD that takes Medicare works on this plan)

Blue Shield Fraud Hotline

2013 Agent Certification  MAPD  PDP


Blue Shield Medi Gap – Supplement Summary of Benefits & Rates  1.2013 Rev. 7.2013

Guaranteed Acceptance Guide 10.2012

Broker ONLY

Blue Shield Website…all forms & disclosures

Transfer Application

Latest Forms
med eligible/enroll

Replacement Form

Broker Guidelines

See individual for Broker Guidelines – Confidential



Broker ONLY fax app to

  Fax #:209-367-6391209-367-6391

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