What are the Medical Underwriting Questions for a Medi-Gap policy
if I’m not in a guaranteed issue period, like just turning 65?

Check the paper applications below and review the questions:

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6 comments on “Medical Questions – Underwriting – If not in Guaranteed Issue Period?

  1. I’m living outside the USA, if I apply for a Medigap plan and am subject to underwriting, how much extra would coverage cost and what are the underwriting requirements?

  2. I don’t ever want to deal with underwriting because even though I’m a healthy person, the insurance companies
    may look at the info in the MIB and think I am not.

    So it sounds like I should get a regular Plan F at the get go when starting Medicare in June.

    Is that what you would recommend?

    • How healthy are you, related to the questions on the applications above?

      Have your reviewed your MIB Medical Information Bureau File? https://www.mib.com/request_your_record.html

      MIB shouldn’t have anything that isn’t being asked in the applications. There’s a law somewhere that says Insurance Companies cannot deny you based only on the MIB file. They can only use it to indicate things that need to be investigated further.

      If you want the Medi Gap plan with the highest benefits Plan F and don’t want to worry about underwriting, yes.

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