Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Gap Plans 

A Medi-Gap plan allows you to keep your Original Medicare, and all your doctors.  Blue Cross Medi-Gap plans pay in addition what Medicare Pays under  Part A Hospital & Part B Dr. Visits – namely, the 20% Co Pays.   Visit any Doctor or Hospital that accepts Medicare   You still need to purchase Part D Rx

There is no extra charge for our services.  We are paid by Blue Cross to help you enroll and to consult with you year around.  Our broker ID is GFKGQSJSRZ.

It’s best to apply when you turn 65 for the supplement plans or Advantage Plans, as that’s the main “Open Enrollment” period, guaranteed issue for any plan.

Email us [email protected] to discuss further, set a Face to Face, Skype or Phone Meeting

MediGap Plans from Anthem Blue Cross –
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****Comments – FAQ’s *****

Just received a membership card from Blue of CA, called Silver Sneakers Fitness Program.  I called the gym listed – Canyon Crest Athletic Club (One of the premier clubs in Riverside).  They told me with the card, I am essentially a full-fledged member of the club with access to all facilities!

Pretty good deal for $53 / month Insurance premium.

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  1. How does Blue Cross Senior Class J compare to say the current Plan G?

    Coverage & Premium for a 77 year old?

    Can I change under the birthday rule?

    • Part B Deductible of $185 is per person per year

      Part B Deductible

      Subscriber means a person whose status is the basis for eligibility for membership in this Medicare Supplement Plan, who is enrolled by Blue Shield, and maintains coverage in accordance with this Agreement.

      Deductible means the amount paid by the Subscriber for specific covered Services before Original Medicare or the Blue … Medicare Supplement Plan begins to pay. Sample Plan G EOC

  2. Please tell me exactly where the application for Innovative F is or you can email me a paper pdf and I can print and send back.

  3. Are the rates in the rate chart above accurate or do you have to complete an application and see if your approved for that rate or can there be a surcharge?

    • The rates above are accurate as long as you enroll at age 65 or have another guaranteed issue reason. To double check that we have posted the latest rates, use the affiliate link above. There is no extra charge to use our expertise. Blue Cross pays us to help you.

    • Yes. As you can see from the outline of coverage, it’s 5%.

      SAVE 5% when more than one member in the household enrolls in a Medicare Supplement plan with us. The discount is for policies with effective dates of June 1, 2010 or after and available to those members who occupy the same housing unit.

  4. I’m looking thru files & I don’t see a comprehensive list/explanation of my specific coverage of my High F policy.
    Please send me the list for dummies…of what is specifically covered
    I.e. office visits, hospitalization, hospice, home health care including deductibles & tap out limits.
    Thank you ever so much

    • Check out the Publications above:

      Medicare & You

      Choosing a Medi Gap Policy

      and of course, Blue Cross’s Outline of Coverage

      Please note that you have High F

      * Plan F is also offered as a high‑deductible plan by some insurance companies in some states, in CA of the companies we represent Blue Shield offers it.

      If you choose this option, this means you must pay for Medicare‑covered costs (coinsurance, copayments, deductibles) up to the deductible amount of $2,200 in 2017 before your policy pays anything. Medicare still pays their portion under Part A Hospital and Part B Dr. Visits

  5. I herd [heard] that anthem is leaving calif, unless you have a grandfather policy pre 2010.

    With all we went through with them canceling and re instating us are we covered for 2018, 2019, etc.

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