Blue Shield Plan G & Extra

Medicare Medi Gap Supplement 

You get the same comprehensive benefits as Medicare Supplement Plan F, but Plan G does not cover the Part B deductible $198  amount, as required by a new law, known as  MACRA.  

The following savings programs are available with Plan G & Extra:


Blue Shield’s  newest Medicare Supplement plan has all the benefits offered by regular Plan G

PLUS  these Benefits


  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) items benefits: including coverage for eligible OTC health and wellness products such as cold and allergy medicines, first-aid supplies, pain relievers, and more
  • Physician consultation benefits: available by phone or video via computer or mobile app
  • Hearing aid benefits: including an annual hearing test and savings on Vista brand mid-level and premium-level hearing aids
  • Vision benefits: including coverage for the cost of eye exams, frames, eyeglass or contact lenses that are not traditionally covered by Original Medicare

See the summary of benefits in the module on below your right for more details.

Blue Shield

 Summary of Benefits & Provisions
Plan A, F Extra, G, G Extra & N

Explanation of what Medicare Pays and Medi Gap pays on top

Plans at a Glance 10.1.2019

Summary of Benefits 2020

July 2020 Rates

Paper Application 2020

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Blue Shield Plan G Extra


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2 comments on “Plan G Extra

  1. We’re in Plan F now.

    What’s the difference between F and G extra?

    We tried to get F Extra and were turned down

    • Please review our webpage above and our webpage on Plan F Extra. The main difference in Extra or Innovative is the Hearing Aids, Vision, Teledoc, Over the Counter Medications and Help, I can’t get up. See the link above for the summary of benefits for more detail.

      Right now, Blue Shield is having a “special” and you can get into their Extra Plans, from any other Medi Gap carrier. Email us for details.

      Next year, under the Birthday rule, Extra and Innovative will be considered the same and not better. So, one would be able to switch.

      (M) New or innovative benefits, as described in subdivision (f) of Section 1358.9 and subdivision (f) of Section 1358.91, shall not be included when determining whether benefits are equal to or lesser than those provided by the previous coverage.

      Why are Medi Gap companies offered more benefits?

      One reason is a new buzz word, Social Determinants of Health. Click on the link and check it out.

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