Blue Shield Provider Finder
Blue Shield Provider Finder

Video on How to use the provider Finder

Blue Shield Medicare Dental & Vision Options

Dental Add on for MAPD (65 Plus) Members

HMO & PPO plan flyer and Paper  enrollment form
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Dental Add on for MAPD Members

3 comments on “Dental & Vision

  1. Dorothy A says:

    When can you sign up for the Dental plan?

    Do you need to wait until the general enrollment of insurance plans?


    One can sign up for the 65 plus dental plan at any time of the year, per page 62 of the Blue Shield 2017 Confidential Agent Training.

    See above for the online link to enroll

    You might also want to check out Dental for Everyone which also has year around enrollment.

  2. I live in Orange County California and have vision coverage under Blue Shield 65 plus.

    I cannot find a list of eye doctors that will take my insurance.

    Can you help me with that?

    • We just updated this page to include the provider finder, above. Use the check box on type of doctor to put in Ophthalmology.

      We would be happy to be your broker of record. There is no charge. Blue Shield pays us to help you, when you appoint us. Here’s the form.

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