How to find a Dentist that accepts Blue Shield MAPD?

How to use the Blue Shield Provider Finder


Dental Provider  search tool fill it in with these parameters.  See Video below

Benefit Overview Page 7      Summary of Benefits – but it’s sideways page A 19

How do we double check if  our current dentist, Anthony Boyd in Highland, is a provider.

Here’s the Provider  search tool.  Let’s double check.   Dr. Boyd must have cancelled his contract with Blue Shield, as Broker Support doesn’t find him in the provider finder either.  On the other hand, we triple checked and Dr. Boyd is on the list. See this image for plan selection when using provider search. Additional Instructions.

You can also Check out Dental for Everyone and see if you like a dental plan there.

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Medicare and You 2019 #10050
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Medicare and You 2019 - Everything you want to know

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  1. When can you sign up for the Dental plan?

    Do you need to wait until the general enrollment of insurance plans?

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