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Blue Shield  Medicare Advantage Plan 65 Plus (HMO) & Choice

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Why Blue Shield?  – Medicare Coverage Options 23 Page Introduction

Scope of Appointment Form authorization for face to face meetings.

Blue Shield 65 Plus (HMO)
Benefit Overviews

2015 Los Angeles (partial) & Orange Counties ♦  San Bernardino (partial) & Riverside (partial) Counties ♦   2015 San Diego County  ♦  2015 Ventura (partial) County   ♦  2015 Sacramento County  ♦  2015 Contra Costa County (partial)  ♦  Fresno  County  ♦  Santa Clara (partial) County


Summary of Benefits

Los Angeles (partial) & Orange Counties
San Bernardino (partial) & Riverside (partial) Counties
San Diego County
Ventura (partial) County
Sacramento (partial) County
Contra Costa (partial) County
Fresno County
Santa Clara (partial) County

2015 Evidences of Coverage

Los Angeles (partial) and Orange Counties (PDF)  
San Bernardino (partial) and Riverside (partial) Counties
San Diego County
Ventura County (partial)
Sacramento County (partial)
Contra Costa, Fresno and Santa Clara (partial) Counties



2015 Blue Shield 65 Plus Choice Plan (HMO)
Select Network MD’s

Orange County and Parts of LA County

Summary of Benefits

Evidence of Coverage – Blue Shield 65 Plus Choice Plan HMO* 249 Pages

Provider Finder

Blue Shield 65 Plus  HMO ♦  Blue Shield 65 Plus Choice  Plan (HMO)  ♦  Printed Directories  ♦  St. Joseph – Hoag Insurances Accepted


Silver Sneakers.com

Formulary  ♦  Pharmacy Directory

Change of Plan Form

Email us for the Optional supplemental Dental HMO plan flyer for current MAPD members  ♦ Application

Printed directories.


Find a Provider.

11.6.2014 Updates  65 +

Resources & Links

Member Services 800.766.4466   [TTY 711]. Available 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, from October 1 through February 14. However, after February 14, calls are handled by an automated phone system on weekends and holidays.

Blue Shield Fraud Hotline

Wellness Tools

Star Ratings

H0504_15_153 CMS Accepted 06282015
S2468_15_153 CMS Accepted 06282015
Blue Shield of California is an HMO and PDP plan with a Medicare contract.   Enrollment in Blue Shield of California depends on contract renewal.

2013 Agent Certification  MAPD  PDP









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