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Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan
65 Plus (HMO) & Choice
(Choice has More Benefits, but Fewer Providers)

Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO PDF – Paper Enrollment Form 2017



2017 Blue Shield 65 Plus (HMO) Formularies

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Blue Shield Fraud Hotline

Scope of Appointment Form authorization for face to face meetings.

2017 Optional supplemental Dental HMO flyer and Enrollment form for current MAPD members

Star Ratings

2017 Medicare Plan Ratings Information for MAPD – English & Spanish
Blue Shield of California is an HMO and PDP plan with a Medicare contract.   Enrollment in Blue Shield of California depends on contract renewal.

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Select “Medicare Advantage – Blue Shield 65 Plus (HMO)” as your plan option.


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16 comments on “Blue Shield 2017 Historical

  1. Where do I find a list of providers that are endodonic dentists in or near fullerton ca 92835 and accept the blue shield 65 plus choice co pay listed in the 2016 benefits listing

  2. Hi Steve,

    I Just got off the phone with the Social Security Dept. as I needed clarification on some of the questions asked in the online application for Medicare.

    This woman “Tracy” states that I am not eligible as I don’t have enough credits and won’t be eligible until Bruce turns 62 this coming October, then apply under him as he does have the credits.

    She told me that I wouldn’t be able to apply until open enrollment, Jan-March 2017.

    This seems odd to me but need your take on this.



  3. How soon can Jackie enroll and when will her Medicare coverage under this plan begin? Our monthly premium for March under our current Health Net HMO plan is due March 10th (I think). If Jackie enrolls and coverage under this plan begins before April 1st will the premiums for the two plans be pro-rated?

    • She can enroll 24/7 by using my Blue Shield Agent affiliate link above. Her coverage will begin April 1st. Coverage won’t start till then, so, just pay Health Net for March and this premium for April. I’m surprised that Health Net hasn’t dropped her….

  4. Is there any supplemental coverage (which I think is referred to as “gap” coverage) available for prescription drug expense which is not paid by this plan? If so, what does it cost per month and what does it cover? Jackie takes Uloric 40 mg and it is expensive.

    • No! In fact it’s illegal to sell extra coverage. I don’t find the Blue Shield formulary handy. Did you want me to request it from Blue Shield Agent Support? The Medicare.Gov shop & compare tool shows the cost of Ulric 40 mg 30 pills/month to be $2,800 without insurance. It appears from the tool that Ulric is available mail order and would be $240/year. I double checked this on the Blue Shield Affiliate Enrollment and Information site and they show $480. This might be that I picked the wrong pharmacy on the Medicare Site.

  5. Is this a Medicare Plan C which includes outpatient, inpatient and prescription drug coverage provided on an HMO basis by Beaver Medical Group (where Jackie and I currently have an HMO plan through Health Net)? What is the monthly cost if Jackie enrolls in this plan?

  6. I am starting anthem mediblue select.
    A yearly dental cleaning and exam is included. How do I get the list of in network dentists in Riverside County, CA?

  7. what is the difference in blue shield 65+ and blue shield 65+ choice medicare advantage plans? we now have the regular 65+ we live in huntington beach ca (orange county) 92649 thank you

    thank you

    Joan V

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