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Not all Medicare plans cover dental, hearing and vision, but we offer plans that cover preventive care.

Posted by Anthem Blue Cross on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

2019 California Medicare Advantage PPO Marketing Materials and Forms

Anthem MediBlue Access (PPO) – H8552 020
The service area includes the county of Orange.


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Medicare plans are not affected by the Individual IFP  2018 withdrawal from 16 CA Regions

Steve talks about MAPD PPO’s

Steve talks about MAPD PPO’s

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3 comments on “Blue Cross PPO Orange County

  1. Is there a different plan that has lower Chiroprator deductible than my present plan which is 750 has deductible?

    After Deductible it only pays a percentage of Chiroprator visits.

    • Sorry, it turns out that the deductible is actually $975 per the summary of benefits on page 10.

      Chiropractic is covered with a $20 co pay if the doctor is in network and $50 if not.

      Just to double check, the evidence of coverage with more detail on 248 pages. Page 46 shows no deductible for Primary Care and Specialists. I can double check about chiropractors. Please 53 sounds for sure like chiropractic is subject to the deductible.

      The BIG advantage to this plan is that it allows you visit MD’s not on Blue Cross’s list and the PPO list is larger than the HMO list in Medicare Advantage plans.

      How important is freedom of choice of doctors and hospitals for you?

      We can also double check the Medi Blue Plus and Select Plan (Richer Benefits fewer providers)

    • Here’s a side by side comparison of Select, Medi Blue Plus and your current PPO. It’s a FEDERAL CRIME to alter stuff… So, this is what is shown by Medicare.Gov. We can discuss this over the phone… Please use our scheduler to set a time.

      The HMO Plans do not have a premium or deductible. Chiropractic from plan providers is zero in the select plan and $20 in the plus plan. Please review the summary of benefits and eoc evidence of coverage available on those pages or our website.

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