Medicare - Who pays first - Publication 02179
Medicare – Who pays first – Publication 02179

Medi-Cal, the Medicaid program in California, provides health coverage to people with low-income and asset levels who meet certain eligibility requirements. While there are several ways to qualify for Medi-Cal, this section focuses only on Medi-Cal beneficiaries who also qualify for Medicare — individuals who are over a certain age and/or disabled. People who qualify for both Medicare and full Medi-Cal are known as “dual eligibles” or “Medi-Medis.


  1. What Medi-Cal Covers
  2. Prescription Drugs
  3. Cal MediConnect
  4. How to Qualify
  5. Medi-Cal Programs
  6. How to Apply
  7. Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program

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ca health  How Medicare Works with Medi Cal 2 page pdf

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4 comments on “Medi-Cal & Medicare?

  1. My Dad has MAJOR health and financial problems. He has over $3k in medical bills that are mounting. He goes to 4-6 appointments per month (including for his eye).

    We are trying to get Medi-Cal and any other programs he might qualify for, like Aged & Disabled, Food Stamps – Cal Fresh, In Home Supportive Services, Veteran’s Benefits, Nursing Home, etc I applied for Medi-Cal on November 1, 2017 but the application is pending a “shared” cost approval.

    How might a Medicare Advantage Plan help him to qualify for Medi-Cal? Pay his health care expenses with and without Medi-Cal?

    • I don’t see that obtaining a MAPD Medicare Advantage Plan would make any difference for your Dad to qualify for any of Medi-Cal’s programs.

      It’s not open enrollment so your Dad can’t enroll in a MAPD plan unless he has a special enrollment reason.

      When he does qualify for Medi-Cal, that would allow him to enroll in a MAPD plan.

      An MAPD plan generally has no premium and also covers Part D Drugs. Take a look at our pages on Medi-Cal – Medicare Plans – use the menu above or the site map, that go with Medi-Cal plans. I will grant that it’s a little confusing for me too as Los Angeles has Cal Medi Connect and that puts one in an HMO, so it’s confusing as to which HMO provider you go to or to try to find a provider that takes Medi-Cal, Cal Medi Connect and whatever plan I might get for you.

      • He has a life changing event – he cannot work any longer, drive and barely walk.

        He needs help since he cannot work to pay his living expenses, food, car, health care, ect… he has mounting medical bills and needs help that Medicare doesn’t cover.

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