Can’t say “Best Plan.”

Can’t say “Best” Plan


Use qualified or absolute superlatives.

EXAMPLE: ”One of the best”, “among the highest ranked” or refer to the plan  you are marketing/selling as “the best, the highest ranked”, “rated number one”, etc.

Compare an Anthem Plan (including Amerigroup and Simply Healthcare) to another Plan by name or inference unless you have written concurrence from all plan sponsors being compared, or using CMS Star rating documents.  

Rules for Medicare health plans

People representing Medicare plans aren’t allowed to:

Medicare plans and people who work with Medicare can’t:

  • Charge you a fee to process your enrollment into a plan.
  • Steer you into a particular plan.
  • Communicate incorrect information about their plan type or use inappropriate statements like their plan is “the best” or “highest ranked.”  Medicare.Gov

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