Is a telephone appointment – Face to Face?

70.9.3 Scope of Appointment – Medicare Marketing Rules

When conducting marketing activities, a Plan/Part D Sponsor may not market any health care related product during a marketing appointment
The term used in the actual guidelines is Marketing Appointment – NOT Face to Face!  This is one reason why I hate the crappy slide presentations in AHIP and most training seminars.  They don’t show you the actual code or reference material.
beyond the scope that the beneficiary agreed before the meeting with that individual.

42 CFR 422.2262 Review & Distribution of Marketing Materials

422.2268(g) and (h) can’t market what’s not listed in the scope of appointment

423.2262 Part D Rx Review of marketing materials

423.2268 (g) and (h) Part D can’t market what’s not in scope of appointment

Medicare Training

Wikipedia – Meeting



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