Health Net – Asserting the Wrong Answer!

I just let my contract go with Health Net, as there RSM Regional Sales Manager told me THREE times, that I couldn’t write a medi-gap plan for someone whose MAPD plan non renewed.  Even though  I emailed her the official proofs.   She even kept this up at a sales meeting and told the other agents there the same thing.

When my client complained as I suggested to the CA Department of Insurance, HN denied responsiblity as they said they never received an application.  They didn’t mention anything about telling their agent that he would be wasting his time sending it in.

Email chain available on request.  I have this posted as I’m mandated to report ethical issues.

Centine 2018 Code of Ethics

Check out ALL Medicare Plans - We won't be your broker, but do get a referral fee
Check out ALL Medicare Plans – We won’t be your broker, but do get a referral fee


Introduction Letter

English 52kB   10/27/15

Outline of Coverage (7/1-12/31/2015)

English 1.1MB   11/24/15

Outline of Coverage (1/1-6/30/2016)

English 849kB   11/24/15

Guaranteed Issue Guide

English 99kB   10/27/15

Decision Power Healthy Discounts Brochure

English 1.3MB   08/22/14

SilverSneakers Flyer

English 313kB   10/27/15

SilverSneakers Flyer & Facility Listing

English 7.6MB   02/05/15

Notice of Privacy Practices

English 153kB   08/22/14

Enrollment Form

English 177kB   10/27/15


Enrollment Form – Fillable

English 269kB   11/02/15

Replacement of Coverage

English 79kB   08/22/14

Replacement of Coverage – Fillable

English 60kB   11/20/13

Automatic Bank Draft

English 69kB   10/27/15

Automatic Bank Draft – Fillable

English 83kB   10/27/15

Optional Supplemental Benefits Guide

English 863kB   11/02/15

Optional Supplemental & Dental Enrollment Form

English 60kB   10/27/15

Optional Supplemental Enrollment Form – Fillable

English 87kB   10/27/15

Choosing a Medigap Policy

English 1.2MB   01/06/15


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