Medicare & Mental Illness # 10184
Medicare & Mental Illness # 10184

How does one

compare the mental health benefits

from one Medicare Advantage MAPD to another?

It’s tough, especially since an agent can’t really help as there is a law somewhere that says if they do a spread sheet it has to be approved by all the companies involved.  Here’s where you can get approved comparisons:

Medicare.Gov We get a finders fee if you sign up here.  We won’t be  your agent though

are very limited and virtually meaningless.   Here’s actual cut and paste from an unnamed EOC Evidence of Coverage… so you the client must do the spread sheet.  We are happy to get you any EOC’s that you can’t readily find on your own for companies we represent, like  AARP – UHC, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Please note also that ALL MAPD and SNP’s must give benefits at least as good as Basic Medicare A & B.


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