Medicare FAQ’s 

  1.  Is there a simple booklet that explains just about everything one needs to know about Medicare and the options for supplemental coverage, like Medi-Gap, Medicare Advantage and Part D Rx?
  2. How do I enroll in Medicare?
  3. What are the choices I have for Medicare?   Medicare Advantage vs Original Medicare?
    1. What Doctors Take Medicare?
    2. What if I have more than one policy that will pay a claim – medical expense, dual coverage?
      1. Veteran Coverage?
  4. What does Medicare Cover and NOT cover?
    1. Preventative Care
      1. Can I just watch a video?
    2. Hospice?
      1. Video?
    3. Coverage outside USA?
      1. Get a travel policy
    4. Mental Illness?
      1. Special Needs Plans
    5. What is a Medicare Summary Notice MSN?
  5. What is a Medi-Gap – Supplemental Plan?
    1. How much can I save if I take a Hi Deductible Medi-Gap plan?
  6. See FAQ and Facebook discussion where a High School Friend of Steve’s didn’t buy part B and he and another friend discuss options, etc.

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  1. Can a Marketplace plan coordinate benefits with Medicare if the services rendered are dialysis when the member becomes eligible for Medicare because of their ESRD status?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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