What are the threats to Medicare?
We paid for it for all our working career, can they take it away?

“We have to do two things. We have to generate economic growth which generates revenue, while reducing spending. That will mean instituting structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.”

“The driver of our debt is the structure of Social Security and Medicare for future beneficiaries,”

No one should be fooled by this argument. Rubio is pursuing the classic strategy of the enemies of social insurance programs to make them increasingly irrelevant to future generations by promising cuts that the affected beneficiaries “wouldn’t really notice.” This only eases the path toward eliminating those programs outright.

But members of those future generations should take notice. Like today’s beneficiaries and those of the past, they’re paying for their future benefits with every paycheck, and they should be profoundly aware that Rubio and his fellow Republicans are merely preparing to rip them off.   Los Angeles Times 11.30.2017

Our Webpage on H.R.1 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Senator Rubio – remarks on Social Security and Medicare beginning at the 21:45 mark

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