Basic Prescription Plan Benefit 2016 - ALL companies must meet or exceed this
Basic Prescription Plan Benefit 2016 – ALL companies must meet or exceed this
Medicare Guide to Rx Coverage
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Medicare & You Part D Explanations
Medicare & You – Part D Explanations
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Medicare Part D Rx Plan Finder – We are NOT your agent, if you enroll through this link!

Medicare Part D Prescriptions – is practically mandatory.  If you don’t have coverage when you are supposed to your premium is increased  when you eventually do.  Many Part D  plans cover the gap or donut hole, (Brand Name 50% Discount) just be sure to read the illustrations, brochures and drug formularies, on or through our website.  Medicare Advantage plans generally include prescription drug coverage, including both brand-name and generic at participating pharmacies in your area.   Check out your guide to Medicare Rx Coverage #11109,  Medicare & You #10050 or these companies webpages for more details, coverage and premiums.   Blue Cross ♦  AARP – Part D Rx  ♦  Blue Shield

The Annual Open Enrollment (AEP) is from October 15th to December 7 and then your coverage will begin January 1 (Medicare FAQ.)  If you’ve just turned 65, you’re eligible now!email us or review this website for details.  If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, with or without Rx coverage and you sign up for Part D coverage, you WILL be dropped from the Medicare Advantage plan!  You may sign up right through our site, for Part D Rx, a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medi-Gap – Supplement Plan.


Is my Rx on the approved list – formulary, how do I get an exception?

2 Ways to Get Medicare Drug Coverage

How does a Prescription Drug Plan work with a Medicare Advantage Plan?  4 pages  Publication # 11135

When Can You Join a Medicare Drug Plan?

How to Join a Medicare Drug Plan

How to Switch Your Medicare Drug Plan

How to Drop Your Medicare Drug Plan

What You Pay for Medicare Drug Coverage

Costs in the Part D Coverage Gap

What Is the Part D Late Enrollment Penalty?

How much is the Part D Penalty?

What Part D Plans Cover

Drug Plan Coverage Rules

Fill a Prescription Before You Get Your Plan Card

How Other Insurance & Programs Work With Part D

MTM Medication Therapy Management Programs for Complex Health Needs – Humana

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CA Health Care Advocates on Part D


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Medicare Plan Finder  (Medicare.Gov)

Be careful using the Government’s Calculator   Double check the results on the specific insurance companies website.

Do not enroll on the Governments site,  send us your results and we can enroll you. on figuring all this out, even with mandatory agent training Rev 8.2015

Research & Technical Resources

Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 416 Page pdf


2017 Announcements 250 pages

Part D—Voluntary Prescription Drug Benefit Program

Subpart 1—Part D Eligible Individuals and Prescription Drug Benefits

Sec. 1860D-1. Eligibility, enrollment, and information

Sec. 1860D-2. Prescription drug benefits

Sec. 1860D-3. Access to a choice of qualified prescription drug coverage

Sec. 1860D-4. Beneficiary protections for qualified prescription drug coverage

Subpart 2—Prescription Drug Plans; PDP Sponsors; Financing

Sec. 1860D-11. PDP regions; submission of bids; plan approval


p class=”tocsection”>Sec. 1860D-12. Requirements for and contracts with prescription drug plan (PDP) sponsors

Sec. 1860D-13. Premiums; late enrollment penalty

Sec. 1860D-14. Premium and cost-sharing subsidies for low-income individuals

Sec. 1860D-14A. Medicare coverage gap discount program


p class=”tocsection”>Sec. 1860D-15. Subsidies for Part D eligible individuals for qualified prescription drug coverage


p class=”tocsection”>Sec. 1860D-16. Medicare prescription drug account in the federal supplementary medical insurance trust fund

Subpart 3—Application to Medicare Advantage Program and Treatment of Employer-Sponsored Programs and Other Prescription Drug Plans


p class=”tocsection”>Sec. 1860D-21. Application to medicare advantage program and related managed care programs

Sec. 1860D-22. Special rules for employer-sponsored programs

Sec. 1860D-23. State pharmaceutical assistance programs


p class=”tocsection”>Sec. 1860D-24. Coordination requirements for plans providing prescription drug coverage

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