Medicare Part D Rx Prescriptions

Donut Hole - Coverage Gap
View Medicare Publication on closing the donut hole 11493it will close sooner  

Steve’s explanation of the donut hole

Prescription Drug Plans - Video
Medicare made clear


Part D Rx is practically mandatory.  If you don’t have coverage when you are supposed to your premium is increased  when you eventually do.

Many Part D  plans cover the gap or donut hole, (Brand Name 50% Discount) just be sure to read the illustrations, brochures and drug formularies, on or through our website.

Medicare Advantage plans generally include prescription drug coverage, including both brand-name and generic at participating pharmacies in your area.

Check out your guide to Medicare Rx Coverage #11109,  Medicare & You #10050 or these companies webpages for more details, coverage and premiums.

Blue Cross 

 AARP – Part D Rx

♦  Blue Shield

The Annual Open Enrollment (AEP) is from October 15th to December 7 and then your coverage will begin January 1 (Medicare FAQ.)  If you’ve just turned 65, you’re eligible now!email us or review this website for details.  If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, with or without Rx coverage and you sign up for Part D coverage, you WILL be dropped from the Medicare Advantage plan!  You may sign up right through our site, for Part D Rx, a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medi-Gap – Supplement Plan.


Is my Rx on the approved list – formulary, how do I get an exception?

Appeals & Grievances

2 Ways to Get Medicare Drug Coverage How does a Prescription Drug Plan work with a Medicare Advantage Plan?  4 pages 

Publication # 11135 When Can You Join a Medicare Drug Plan?

How to Join a Medicare Drug Plan

How to Switch Your Medicare Drug

Plan How to Drop Your Medicare Drug

Plan What You Pay for Medicare Drug Coverage

Costs in the Part D Coverage Gap

What Is the Part D Late Enrollment Penalty?

How much is the Part D Penalty?

What Part D Plans Cover

Drug Plan Coverage Rules

Fill a Prescription Before You Get Your Plan Card

How Other Insurance & Programs Work With Part D

MTM Medication Therapy Management Programs for Complex Health Needs – Humana MTM program elements include:

  • Comprehensive reviews of medications used on an annual basis;
  • Quarterly medication reviews;
  • Identification of medication related problems;
  • Prescriber and beneficiary interventions to promote coordinated care; and
  • Standardized action plans and summaries.

Blue Cross Part D Index

More FAQ’s Medicare Site



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