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  1. If a person has secure horizons (through united health care/aarp) but no drug coverage does the pharmacy (in network w/UH) still give a provider write off on prescriptions?

    • I doubt it, but I can’t find a citation. I do recall years ago when Blue Cross had a hospital only plan, being told that customers would not get a discount on out of hospital doctor visits.

      This link but it got broken, explains about provider discounts when you have coverage or it’s under the deductible, that the pharmacy gives to get the additional business of the Insurance Companies customers.

      Detailed study by New Hampshire Department of Insurance.

      Study from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

      How would the pharmacy know you are with UHC/AARP?

      When you purchase health insurance, you obtain the right to pay for services covered by your insurance policy at the discounted rate negotiated by your insurance carrier. nhhealthcost.nh.gov

      Discount drug cards contain information on the specific pharmacy benefit manager PBM allowing the pharmacist to look up the negotiated price, the payer and the account of the card provider. Once entered into the computer with their customer records, this information can be stored in the pharmacy computer system for years allowing the pharmacist on duty to always apply the correct discount. The process works similar to the way it works when you have health coverage and your pharmacist enters information on your drug plan into the pharmacy computer system.

      • Thank you so much.

        I was a dental office manager so dealt w/insurance daily (ugh)!!!! I’ll bet I can just ask at a pharmacy.

        Again thanks for the help!!!

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