Medicare and You 2020 #10050  
Everything you want to know 

Medicare and you

Different Parts of Medicare 

A = Hospital
B = Doctor Visits - Out Patient
C = Medicare Advantage or Medi Gap
D = Part D Rx

Welcome to Medicare  # 11095

Welcome to Medicare


Understanding your Medicare Choices
Medi Gap vs Medicare Advantage

Medicare & You 

Online vs the pdf booklet


How to sign up for Parts A & B
Is  your test, service, or item covered?
Original Medicare Parts A & B
Medicare Advantage Plans & Part D Rx
Supplement Insurance (Medigap)
Low Income Help  LIS

Enroll in Blue Cross

Enroll in Blue Shield 

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Anthem Blue Cross Authroized agent

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2 comments on “Blue Cross Rx

  1. On the Anthem Blue Cross Medicare enhance RX Enhanced plan with a $20 per month premium,

    On which tiers is there no deductible? 1 & 2? 3,4,5?

    After I pay the $275 Deductible then will be coverage?

    • 275 deductible

      There is no deductible on tiers 1 & 2. That’s what you see when you scroll down to see what the asterisk* is.

      no deductible tier 1 and 2

      Yes, there is coverage on tiers 3, 4 & 5 after the deductible

      After you pay your yearly deductible (if your plan has one), you pay the amount listed in the table on the following pages, until your total yearly drug costs reach $4,020.

      The best way to see how your Rx will be paid, would be to use Blue Cross’s tools and enter your Rx.

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