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2015 Summary of Benefits 

2014 Summary of Benefits

2013 Information



2013 Paper Application (including permissible guaranteed enrollment periods)
Automatic Payment Form

Face to Face Meeting Authorization

Blue Shield 2013 Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Summary of Benefits
Summary of Benefits

Basic Formulary 2013 

Enhanced 2013

Pharmacy Directory


Member Services 800.766.4466800.766.4466
Contact Information – Click on Image to Enlarge
Contact Information

2013 Agent Certification  MAPD  PDP


Technical Links

Blue Shield Fraud Hotline

Historical Information

Summary of Benefits   2012 Download

Evidence of Coverage

Premium Plan

Enhanced Plan

Basic Plan

Formularies  Search our lists of covered drugs to find out if your medications are covered.

Basic and Enhanced Plan

Premium Plan

Pharmacy Directory Search


Blue Shield Part D Rx Benefits

Blue Shield Part D Enhanced Plan

Blue Shield Part D Basic Plan

Blue Shield Rx Matric
Blue Shield.com

Summary of Benefits

Evidence of Coverage

Rx Plan (PDP)

Enhanced Plan (PDP)

Formulary Search our list of covered drugs to find out if your medications are covered.

Pharmacy Directory Search our Pharmacy Directory to find out which pharmacies are part of our network.

Tips for submitting applications

Broker ONLY

 Fax #: 877-251-3660877-251-3660Blue Shield Medicare prescription drug plans

2013 PDP Formulary Comparison Tool

Producer Underwriting Manual – See Individual

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