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Blue Shield  PDP Rx Prescriptions Part D

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2016 Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug plans Highlights (California; benefits vary by plan/service area):

  • $0 monthly plan premium in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura counties
  • $21 monthly plan premium in Contra Costa, Fresno, and Santa Clara counties
  • $0 copay for annual wellness visits
  • $0 or low copays for primary care physician and specialist office visits, depending on the plan
  • $0 copay for preferred generic drugs when purchased at Costco, CVS/pharmacy, Safeway and Vons pharmacies and by mail order
  • $0 copay for a basic gym membership through the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program*
  • Additional vision and hearing coverage
  • Optional supplement dental coverage for a low $12.60 monthly premium**

Summary of Benefits  2016

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Introduction to Rx Part D



Members in a closed plan that includes prescription drug benefits will receive 2017 notices!

We are notifying the members in the following closed plans that their prescription drug coverage will be considered non-creditable in 2017, which is a change from 2016, when their prescription drug coverage was considered creditable.  This means that the coverage offered by their plan is not expected to pay out as much as standard Medicare prescription drug coverage pays.

  • Coronet Senior Plus Rx
  • Golden Coronet Senior Plus Rx

We are notifying the members in the following closed plans that their prescription drug coverage will continue to be considered non-creditable in 2017. No change from 2016.

  • Plan H Plus Rx
  • Plan I Plus Rx

This might mean that if you change plans, there would be a penalty.  Learn More