Monthly Premiums for those High Income – Click on image for latest  information Publication 10536

Part B & D surcharges for those with high Income

If you earn a lot of money, be thankful.  Then open up your wallet as it will cost you a little more for Part B – Medical and Part D Rx.  See the chart at right  and publication #10536 for more details.

Note that MAGI for Social Security is a little different here that from the definition for those under 65 in Obamacare.   MAGI is the total of your adjusted gross income [line 37 1040] and tax-exempt interest income.

Explanation in Specimen MAPD Evidence of Coverage  page 20

Most Medicare beneficiaries pay the standard monthly premium, which is set to cover 25 percent of Part B and Part D program costs, but a relatively small share of beneficiaries (around 6 percent in 2015) with incomes above $85,000 for single people and $170,000 for married couples are required to pay higher premiums for Medicare Part B and Part D—ranging from 35 percent to 80 percent of program costs, depending on their incomes (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: Overview of Medicare Part B and Part D Premiums in 2017 –


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Changes in Premiums, Deductibles

Monthly Medicare Part B premiums will increase to about $120, rather than to $159, for roughly 30% of beneficiaries  Beneficiaries with higher incomes will have monthly premiums ranging from $170.50 for those with annual incomes greater than $85,000 to $389.80 for those with annual incomes greater than $214,000.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries not affected by the increase will continue to pay monthly premiums of $104.90.

$19 increase in deductibles – annual deductibles will increase to about $167, rather than to $223 Current deductibles are $147 annually.  Increase for some, not others.  If on Social Security, can’t increase more than those benefits  CA Health Line 11.11.2015

Congress asks that Part B and Deductibles not increase too much for 2016  CA Health Line 10.15.2015   Pending thought is to raise Part B from 104.90 to $159 and the deductible to $223 from $147.

Nope – maybe only a premium increase to $120 – CA Health Line 10.28.2015

Medicare Part A Hospital & B Doctor Visits Eligibility & Premium Calculator



2 comments on “Premiums for those with High Income

  1. I just retired and was earning enough to get the highest surcharge – IRMAA income-related monthly adjustment amount.

    Why does Medicare use income from my tax return filed in 2016 – 2 years prior.

    How to I get the surcharge to be lower now that I’m retired?

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