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Chart 2015

this one that really looks like a donut, 2015

or a 1 page explanantion from an enrollment guide page five.

Donut hole that looks like a donut
Donut Hole 2015
Part D – Donut Hole – Coverage Gap – 2015 – Click to Enlarge
Coverage Gap – Explanation – Click to enlarge
Medicare Guide to Rx Coverage
Medicare Part D Rx – Be sure to click on bookmark icon
Shop Part D Rx Plans
Shop & Compare Part D Rx Plans – Enter your Rx & Dosage
humira part d coverage
Medicare.Gov – Comparison – Humira
Donut Hole - Educational Use ONLY
Donut Hole – 2016 – Educational Use ONLY








First there is a deductible of $360.

Second, you have Initial Coverage and pay $1,098 in Drug – RX costs  – 75% Drug Plan – 25% you.

Third you enter the Coverage Gap – Donut Hole
Part D will pay 42% for generic and 5% for brand name Rx, you pay the rest. The Drug Manufacturer will give you 1/2 off for brand name Rx. (See chart ).

Fourth, after you pay out $4,850 you enter Catastrophic Coverage and you pay only 5% or $6.60 for a brand name and $2.95 for generic.


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