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Does the Medicare.Gov Rx comparison plan finder really work and give reliable answers?

The worst part of this unreliable website  is that  I can’t find a contact email address for the Feds to ask about the discrepancies.  The Insurance Companies say they can do NOTHING about any errors, Medicare.Gov has!  Unfortunately, this makes sense considering that I was told that I could not correct a Congresswoman’s seminar, even though I am the well respected expect on AB 1672 and Mr. Mip according to Google.

Try using Blue Cross or Blue Shields tools or this one from a National Affiliate – we get a small finders fee here.  If you are in CA and using a company we represent, it’s best to enroll using first ONLINE Enrollment if available or then paper – pdf.  There is no extra charge for our services.

Pdf Package Blue Cross vs Blue Shield vs Medicare.Gov  on the  medicare gov part d comparison United American came out looking the most advantages

Please note, the person did NOT buy United American from me, as I’m not contracted with them.  Even if I was, this is a lot of work to make $35/year for helping someone enroll in Part D.  I’ve withdrawn from helping this person and asked for responses from anyone who can show the Government website has been fixed, in the reply section of the website below.

Here’s the THANKS I GOT, from the former client that I used this tool with, who went to United American, whom I do NOT represent!

I am pursuing charges against you. And will be filing complaints with  all regulatory agencies regarding your unethical actions. See you in court.

I don’t know what this means. [This guy is an attorney]  Can you please get to the bottom of this, and get me taken care of? I switched to this company based upon your recommendation [I did NOT recommend the plan.  I simply showed him what the OFFICIAL Government Calculator showed! – Nor did I get paid, as I’m not licensed with United American]

Kudo’s on the Medicare.Gov tool from another Agent Insure Me

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2 comments on “Rx Finder – Unreliable?

  1. Steve,

    1. I recently took a prescription for a steroid nasal rinse to my regular pharmacy at Safeway. They told me it wasn’t covered and would cost $500. The specific name is budesonide inhalation suspension ampules 0.5mg/2ml. Here’s a link for more information on

    2. When I asked about using the discount card from the insurance it came down to $400. I called the insurance company and was told that nothing in that medication class was covered (this is a generic medication that my last plan covered for a $40 copay.) The insurance company said if we got an emergency over ride request from my physician we could get it covered at tier four.

    3. The initial prescription would cost $500 and the remainder about $240.

    4. Instead I found and used a coupon online and got the medication for $260 at Walgreens without using insurance.

    5. Now when we looked at this plan for me we couldn’t tell any difference between the anthem plans except price and all we supposed to have at least one medication in each class.

    6. I chose the cheapest as I didn’t think I would have much in the way of medication needs. Are all the plans this way or did I choose the wrong plan.

    7. I would appreciate your input.


    • One can find the Rx Drug formularies for each Insurance Company and plan by using the menu above under Part D Rx Prescriptions. Be sure to verify either by clicking through to the official Insurance Company affiliate site or the revision dates or email us to make sure you have the most recent versions.

      Here is the Summary of Benefits for for Blue Cross. Here is the formulary – the list of RX Blue Cross coverage in their Standard Plan, the one with the lowest premium. I find the easist way to get through these 70+ page documents is to use the pdf find – search feature and type in the name of the Rx you are asking about. I only see budesonide oral, not nasal rinse.

      We can try Medicare.Gov’s search engine, but don’t rely on it. Double check with the Insurance Companies drug finder. The exact Rx that you list above doesn’t show on the Medicare.Gov search engine, but there is one that is close Budesonide SUS 32MCG 1 X 8.6GM Bottle. There are plans that have this Rx on their formulary, unfortunately Blue Cross standard doesn’t. If one knows what Rx they will use the finders are great.

      The question is, what do we do now?

      Here’s the full EOC – Evidence of Coverage for Blue Cross Standard. Search and Find Section 5.2 about what you can do if your Rx is not in the formulary.

      Get a temporary supply
      Change your RX
      Ask for an exception

      Check also the Covered Medications by Therapeutic Category in the formulary.

      Try where I get a finders fee, but wouldn’t be your agent. Shops about 90 different companies.

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