Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries Publication 905183
Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries Publication 905183
Medicare & You 2015
Social Security Application to receive benefits
Application to receive benefits
Medicare # 10043
Medicare Benefits
Medicare Benefits
Medicare YouTube Channel
Medicare You Tube Channel
Medicare & Mental Health 10184
Medicare Guide to Rx Coverage
Medicare Rx Guide
Forms & Applications
Forms & Applications
Dual Coverage - Who pays first
Dual Coverage – Who pays first
Part B Calculation High Income Beneficiaries
High Income Beneficiaries
Private Fee for Service
Private Fee for Service Plans
Medicare Provider Finder
Provider Finder
 Provider Finder
Find MD
Medicare Coverage Outside USA
Coverage Outside USA
Merck Manual
Merck Home Health Care Handbook
Stop Medicare Fraud - visit
Stop Medicare Fraud

Here are some of the most useful and informative Publications that Medicare has created to explain how everything works, in PLAIN language, along with our extra navigational aids.1 

Please let us know if there are any other publications you would like to read.

Check the respective page (see menu above & site map below) about each type of coverage, that’s where many of the brochures will be, rather than duplicating them here.


Medicare and You      Audio
Drugs – Rx Prescriptions, Cancer, Preventative
Long Term Care is NOT covered

 Medicare Made Clear – UHP 

Social Security & Medicare ONLINE Enrollment
and Benefit Calculator


Medicare Benefits 56 Pages Very Detailed

Medicare’s YouTube Channel

Medicare – Mental Health Benefits

Medicare Guide to Rx Coverage
Current Revision Verified 9.28.2013

medicare glossary glossary

Medicare Guide to Preventative Services

Forms & Applications

Free Google tool to Fill in pdf’s that do not have fields

MD & Hospital Finder

Dual Coverage – Who pays first

Individual Plans & Medicare

Part B Premium Calculation

Glossary – Definitions


Medicare’s Comparison Tool
ALL Medicare Advantage Plan & Supplement – Medi-Gap Plans
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Private Fee for Service

More Publications

Coverage outside USA
MORE – Insure Buy.Com

hospital safety

CA Health statement/

public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families

Seniors and Health Care Reform(Health Care.Gov)

Medicare Preventive Services for Seniors

File Grievance (Complaint) with Medicare



Appeals Process

ALL Medicare Publications on MediCare.Gov

LA Times Op Ed about fixing Medicare

I had no idea of what a good deal part B was. The premium is $105/month, but the benefit is worth $500/mth. The difference is being subsidized by the tax payers.

Broker ONLY

Word & Brown Resource Guide

Medicare Provider Finder
Excellent Tools
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to enroll

Technical Links for Medicare

1 Please note that many of them have annotations and links that we created.  Just Google it, if you want an original unmarked copy or visit Medicare’s Publications Site.


claims processing manual

70.8.6 – Penalty for Filing Claims after One Year
70.6 – Filing Claim Where General Time Limit Has Expired

Blue Cross EOC See chapters 7 & 9

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