Virtual Introduction to Medicare Seminar


Here you will see some videos done by Steve, Millman  and the official Medicare Guides like Medicare & You,  Choosing  a Medi Gap Policy, Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans and the Video’s below.

If you think the Medicare Video’s leave something to be desired, let us know [email protected]  and we can produce our own, like the introduction below that  we did a few years ago.

We can set up individual phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom meetings for CA residents.   What’s really nice is screen sharing so you can see our computer screen or monitor and vice versa.   Just click this link to jump to our scheduling calendar.

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Medi Gap Part D Rx Medicare Advantage

Medicare and You 2020 #10050  
Everything you want to know 

Medicare and you

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Under 65 coverage and converting to Medicare?


How to create a My Social Security Account
Needed to enroll online with Medicare A & B

Nursing Home – Long Term Care

Hospice Publication  # 02154  

Our webpage on hospice  

Medicare Seminar Video’s

Steve on Medicare Advantage

Play List


official Medicare Guides  

Medicare & You,  

Choosing  a Medi Gap Policy

Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans 

3 comments on “Seminar – Medicare Information ONLINE

  1. This is excellent – Clear and concise.

    My one criticism is on the sound. There were several audio drops when I listened just a few moments ago. Could be my system but I’d check it out.

    Other than that it was great. Ver professional and informative.

    • I’ll just answer the question generally, since this is an educational page on not a sales page.

      Here’s a typical Medi Gap summary of benefits, showing what Medicare pays, what Medicare doesn’t and what get’s paid if you have Plan G Extra Medi Gap.

      Medicare Advantage has strict rules about talking details at an educational event. So, in general, Medicare Advantage often has lower or zero premiums, includes Part D Rx, but the main downside is you have to use a restricted list of doctors.

      You can use our menu or site map to go to more detailed pages on Medi Gap, Medicare Advantage and Part D.

      g extra hosptial

      Part B Doctor Visits
      Part B

      Foreign Travel
      foreign travel limitation  Medicare

      See our site map for more details

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