Find Medicare MD
Find Medicare MD

Medicare Advantage Plans have

Provider Lists,

just like HMO’s as that’s basically what they are.   Medicare Part A Hospital, B Doctor Visits and Medi Gap plans  allow you to go to ANY MD or Facility which accepts Medicare.  Here’s the search tool.  If a MD or facility doesn’t allow you to use Medicare, you must sign an agreement so stating!

THIPA Torrance Hospital Independent Physician Association  *  Plans  Accepted

Health Care Partners

Accepted Health Plans

Patient ONLINE Portal – POP

  • View your lab test results
  • Make appointments with your providers
  • Request medication refills
  • Send a secured message to your doctor’s office
  • Register a loved one for a proxy account
  • Pay your HealthCare Partners bill
Use the menu above or the site map to see each Insurance Companies list of doctors – providers.

21 Medicare Health Plans warned to fix provider directory errors

Federal officials this month warned 21 Medicare Advantage insurers with high rates of errors in their online network directories that they could face heavy fines or have to stop enrolling people if the problems are not fixed by Feb. 6.

Among the plans that were cited are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Highmark of Pennsylvania, SCAN Health Plan of California as well as some regional plans owned by national carriers such as UnitedHealthcare and Humana.    CA 1.18.2017

See menu above for the provider directories of the plans we are appointed for.

Child and Sub Pages


Information about Provider Network Problems for under 65

Provider – Doctor & Hospital Finder

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  1. i go to see a county psychiatrist i want to keep seeing same 1

    It’s complicated for me trying to figure out how to read if i can see same Psychiatrist its a county or contracted by county mental health

    Do the Medicare advantage ones want you to go to there dr,s only?

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