Part B Medicare - Doctor Services - Medicare & You # 10050
Part B Medicare – Doctor Services – Medicare & You # 10050
Social Security Application to receive benefits
Social Security Application to receive benefits

How does one sign up for Medicare Part B – Doctor Visits?

Check out Medicare & You for an introduction on what Parts A Hospital & B Doctor Visits cover.  See our page on How to sign up for Medicare?

Here’s the Social Security & Medicare ONLINE Enrollment
and Benefit Calculator

Standard Premiums $120 for 2016 and if you have high income publication # 10536

Here’s the Late Enrollment & Premium Penalty Calculator if you don’t sign up when you are supposed to and don’t have a valid exemption – reason.

General Enrollment Period (GEP)

Medicare beneficiaries who did not enroll in Part B when they first became eligible for Medicare may elect Part B coverage during the General Enrollment Period, which extends from January 1 through March 31 each year.  Enrollment becomes effective on July 1 of the same year. Medicare & You

2 comments on “Part B – Doctors – How to sign up

  1. Hello Steve

    I have a question I hope you can answer.

    1. My father has only Medicare Part A [hospitalization] combined with VA healthcare benefits. he did not enroll in Part B [doctor visits] when first eligible because of VA benift among other factors.

    2. In November he received a letter from orange county social services that he was eligble for medicaid [Medi-Cal in CA] and that he was also eligible for Medicare QMB [Qualified Medicare Beneficiary] effective November 1, 2015

    3. I was told by railroad retirement board that despite his eligibility for QMB that he can not elect immediate enrollmet with a November 1, 2015 retroactive date. That he can enroll now through the open enrollment period but must wait until July 1 to begin benefits.

    4. I read somewhere online that Part B enrollment becomes effective the same day as QMB eligibility.

    Do you have knowlege on this matter?

    • 4. Thank you SO MUCH for including a link to Medicare They are talking about automatic enrollment in Part B, IF one enrolls in a Medicare Savings Program, which includes QMB’s. Which it sounds like you are doing with Orange County Social Services. So, it sounds to me like you are OK. Apply and see what happens. Here’s the link or have Social Services help you. According to your reference on Medicare enrollment is automatic when you are approved for the QMB.

      3. Normally what you heard from the Railroad Retirement Board is correct. Having VA coverage is not employement based coverage that would give you a special enrollment period, as mentioned in Medicare and You page 26. They are talking about the General Enrollment Period page 25 where one can sign up January 1 to March 31 and be effective in July. There might even be a financial penalty for late enrollment.

      Be sure to read the entire page from CA Health Care Advocates on this subject. They know what they are talking about! See also our page on Cal Medi Connect. Check back with us in a few weeks and we will know more as we will be attending a Blue Cross seminar on Medicare Advantage Plans for those on Medi-Cal on the 17th.

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