What Medicare Coverage does one need
to get if they are still working?

Is there a SEP Special Enrollment Period for Part B, MAPD Medicare Advantage and Medi-Gap when you lose Group Coverage?

Part D Rx?


Here is the official Medicare  link  to enroll in Medicare Part A Hospitalization and Part B Doctor Visits.

Since you have coverage through work, you can probably postpone enrolling in Part B – Doctor Visits and Part D Rx.

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the horses mouth on if you should get Part B Doctor Visits, how to enroll, COBRA Traps, etc.

When you retire, lose your employer coverage  you may then enroll in Part B Doctor visits, you will also have a special enrollment period to get  Part D Rx and enroll in a Medi Gap Plan and Medicare Advantage.

Make sure that your work employers Rx Prescription coverage is credible – that is at least as good as the Standard Part D Rx Prescription  coverage so that you don’t get a late enrollment penalty.

So, basically, as long as you have great coverage at work, just sign up for Part A Hospital and then get Part B, supplements and Part D Rx when you retire.  There might be issues if your wife wants to sign up late for Part B, as there are technical rules about it being employee coverage not COBRA, which could affect you too if you go on COBRA. See Medicare & You Page 26 – Part B Special Enrollment Period.

Publication 11036 28 Pages


Links, References & Resources

See Medicare Publication 02179 for information on having dual coverage with Medicare.

Medicare Eligibility & Premium Calculator Tool

Part B Late Enrollment Penalty

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Medicare & You - Should I get Part B?
Medicare & You – Should I get Part B?

2 comments on “Employment Coverage vs Medicare Parts A, B & D

  1. Hello Steve,

    I have a question about Medicare enrollment. I’ve been given conflicting info and need advice.

    I have insurance through my work so I am confused about enrollment in Part A.

    Can I enroll only in part A or do I have to enroll in Part B too?

    The Medicare website says I must enroll in both but I don’t need Part B. What do I do?

    Don’t want to miss out on Part A.

    I turned 65 on April 15th and need to do something.

    Your help would be appreciated.



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