Medicare for retiring employees?


What’s Better Medicare or Employer Group Health Coverage?

Hello, employers and Medicare age employees,

The different parts and enrollment requirements for Medicare can pose especially difficult questions for small businesses, and how your employees handle the transition can affect your bottom line.


Here are answers to some of the questions you might be hearing from employees.

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Corona Virus

Medicare Dual Coverage
# 02179

Medicare Dual Coverage Pamphlet

Coordination of benefits -
two or more insurance plans

other types of health coverage 

Medicaid - Medi Cal

 group health plan coverage

Employer obligation to report # of employees to Medicare 

group health plan coverage after you retire

group health plan coverage for people who are disabled (non-ESRD disability)

group health plan coverage for people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

 no-fault or liability insurance

 workers’ compensation 

Veterans’ benefits


Federal Black Lung Benefits Program


Explanation from Cal Broker Magazine Sept 2019

Medicare's Right to collect from other Coverage

You're Medicare Advantage plan has  the right and responsibility to collect - subrogate  for covered Medicare services for which Medicare is not the primary payer.

According to CMS regulations at 42 CFR sections 422.108 and 423.462,    Anthem MediBlue Access (PPO), as a Medicare Advantage organization, will exercise the same rights of recovery  that the Secretary exercises under CMS regulations in subparts B through D of part 411 of 42 CFR and the rules established in this section supersede any state laws.  Anthem MediBlue Access (PPO) Evidence of Coverage

2 comments on “Employer Group Coverage then Medicare

  1. I retired from North Carolina State University july 2018.

    They told me that they would supplement my medicare to the same level of medical insurance I had before, but when I asked them how to enroll for that they were less than helpful.

    I have social security and they pay a monthly premium

    I don’t know whether I am enrolled or what to do to enroll or what exactly I am covered for or what to do.

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