How do I get my over 65 employees onto Medicare?

As the “baby boom” generation ages, people are turning 65 each day — and your retirees or current employees may be among them. The different parts and enrollment requirements for Medicare can pose especially difficult questions for small businesses, and how your employees handle the transition can affect your bottom line.

Here are answers to some of the questions you might be hearing from employees.

Kaiser Information & FAQ’s

Blue Cross 20 page pdf  on Group to Medicare

Be sure to check the rest of our website.  We answer those questions in detail.  Also see Medicare & You, in the side margins

2 comments on “Transitioning from Employer Group Coverage to Medicare

  1. I retired from North Carolina State University july 2018.

    They told me that they would supplement my medicare to the same level of medical insurance I had before, but when I asked them how to enroll for that they were less than helpful.

    I have social security and they pay a monthly premium

    I don’t know whether I am enrolled or what to do to enroll or what exactly I am covered for or what to do.

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