Medicare Dental Plans

Check out  Dental Plans for Everyone – Excellent Website showing all the plans, rates, enrollment online and us as your agent, no additional charge.

If you have or are getting a  Medicare Advantage Plans – Check out the summary of benefits and the package options.   In General, Medicare doesn’t cover dental at all, except accidents,  as one can see from  Medicare & You.

Senior Dental PPO

Sample Quotes & Benefits - Dental for EveryoneSample Quotes & Benefits – Dental for Everyone dental.for.everyone

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Individual Dental

Pediatric Dental

6 comments on “Dental – Optional Coverage

  1. How do I go about finding a participating dentist and optometrist, for the Blue Cross add on to their Medicare Advantage Plan

  2. Steve,

    I am thinking of changing dentists. The last time I looked into dental insurance with my old dentist it really didn’t work out as she was pretty much a private pay dentist. (She did take delta dental but somehow I don’t think the numbers worked out at the time.)

    I am thinking of going to a dentist who takes most ppo plans. I am pretty sure I have no dental coverage at present. (I would appreciate your double checking on that since I just switched to medicare with a supplement and am not sure everything that is covered.)

    1. Is dental insurance a good deal for me? I.E.

    2. how much would it cost and how much would it save me?

    I would appreciate it if you could let me know my options.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


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