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Medicare A Hospital & B Doctor Visits

Technical Codes

Part A—Hospital Insurance Benefits for the Aged and Disabled

Sec. 1811. Description of program

Sec. 1812. Scope of benefits

Sec. 1813. Deductibles and coinsurance

Sec. 1814. Conditions of and limitations on payment for services

Sec. 1815. Payment to providers of services

Sec. 1816. Provisions relating to the administration of Part A

Sec. 1817. Federal hospital insurance trust fund

Sec. 1818. Hospital insurance benefits for uninsured elderly individuals not otherwise eligible

Sec. 1818A. Hospital insurance benefits for disabled individuals who have exhausted other entitlement

Sec. 1819. Requirements for, and assuring quality of care in, skilled nursing facilities

Sec. 1820. Medicare rural hospital flexibility program

Sec. 1821. Conditions for coverage of religious nonmedical health care institutional services

Part B—Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits for the Aged and Disabled

Sec. 1831. Establishment of supplementary medical insurance program for the aged and the disabled

Sec. 1832. Scope of benefits

Sec. 1833. Payment of benefits

Sec. 1834. Special payment rules for particular items and services


Sec. 1835. Procedure for payment of claims of providers of services

Sec. 1836. Eligible individuals

Sec. 1837. Enrollment periods

Sec. 1838. Coverage period

Sec. 1839. Amounts of premiums

Sec. 1840. Payment of premiums

Sec. 1841. Federal supplementary medical insurance trust fund

Sec. 1842. Provisions relating to the administration of Part B

Sec. 1843. State agreements for coverage of eligible individuals who are receiving money payments under public assistance programs or are eligible for medical assistance

Sec. 1844. Appropriations to cover Government contributions and contingency reserve

[Sec. 1845. Repealed.]

Sec. 1846. Intermediate sanctions for providers or suppliers of clinical diagnostic laboratory tests

Sec. 1847. Competitive acquisition of certain items and services

Sec. 1847A. Use of average sales price payment methodology

Sec. 1847B. Competitive acquisition of outpatient drugs and biologicals

Sec. 1848. Payment for physicians’ services

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