i would like to view my explanation of benefits for recent MRI and X rays. where do i find this information since i haven’t received a copy in the mail.

***See below


Recently I had a break in and the medical ID cards for Medicare and Blue Cross supplemental insurance were stolen – probably just swept up with other stolen items.

My question to you is the best way or how to replace these cards.

***We suggest that you create an account with Social Security  and   Medicare  then you can log in and replace your card, in addition to getting tons of other information, like the explanation of benefits for any claims you have.  The new card takes about 30 days to get.

For your Blue Cross Medi-Gap  or advantage plan here’s how to create and the benefits of a member portal.   If you have trouble, we can create it for you and order a new ID card or we can simply order and ID card for you.

Thanks in advance for your time and I hope you have a good holiday weekend.



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