How can I get Medicare  if I don’t qualify for FREE Part A Medicare?

Medicare Part A Cost – If you don’t get it FREE
International Coverage for New Immigrants – Click here, then click on new immigrants

If you buy Part A, you’ll Part A premium pay up to $426 each month

Original Medicare Part A & B Eligibility

Aged Uninsured Individual

Those persons age 65 or over who are not insured but elect to purchase Part A coverage by filing an application at a social security office.  Because a monthly premium is required, this is called “Premium-Part A“.

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Medicare Buy In

Watch out for penalties if you don’t enroll when you are supposed to.

Premium-Part A ends if one of the following occurs:

  • A voluntary request;
  • Nonpayment of Part A premiums;
  • End of entitlement to Medicare part B; or
  • Death. Part B – Deductibles – Co-Pays

ONLINE Enrollment Instructions & Links

If you are lawfully present, over age 65, but not eligible for Medicare – You qualify for Obamacare!  Including Subsidies


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Links & Resources

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Medicare Part A Hospital & B Doctor Visits Eligibility & Premium Calculator

Penalty for not enrolling when eligible for Part A when you have to pay premium

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