How can I get Medicare  if I don’t qualify for FREE Part A Medicare?

If you  have to  buy Part A, you’ll pay the Part A premium aka Premium Part A which runs up to $437 each month Medicare.Gov *   Here’s more on what you need to have to get A Hospital for no charge and B Doctor Visits for the same charge everyone else pays…  $135/month in 2019 Original Medicare Part A & B Eligibility

How to earn Social Security – Medicare Credits Publication # 10072 * Survivor Benefits # 10084

Watch out for penalties if you don’t enroll when you are supposed to.

Premium-Part A ends if one of the following occurs:

  • A voluntary request;
  • Nonpayment of Part A premiums;
  • End of entitlement to Medicare part B; or
  • Death.

If you are lawfully present, over age 65, but not eligible for Medicare – You qualify for Obamacare!  Including Subsidies


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