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Nolo Press - Guide to Social Security Disability
Nolo Press – Guide to Social Security Disability – We have a reference copy

The Social Security disability program SSDI for an average family is equivalent to a private disability insurance policy worth over $233,000. Social Security pays benefits to people who cannot work because they have a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death. (

Once you have received Disability benefits for two years you will automatically be covered under Medicare and we can then help you enroll in a

Medicare Advantage Plan (NO PREMIUM!), Part D Rx and Medicare Supplemental Plans.

be sure to contact us RIGHT away, as there are deadlines!

Resources,  More information & Publications

Official Social Security Publications – on Disabiltiy and Supplemental Income – SSDI, SSI

ObamaCare – Mental Health – One of 10 Essential Benefits

More information from Free

Social Security disability


  1. What must I do to Qualify?
    1. Must be total & permanent disability
  2. What is  Social Security’s eligibility process
  3. Where is Social Security’s home page for disability
  4. Can I get a Disability “Starter Kit?
  5. Tell me more about the Ticket to Work Program which gives you  more choice in obtaining the services one  needs to be able to  go back  to work and achieve your employment goals.
  6. Where can I get more disability information?
  7. Can I get an estimate of my retirement benefits?  Sample Calculation

    1. Disability Benefits
  8. Can I get Medicare After 2 years on Social Security Disability?
  9. I’m already on SSDI, where can I get more information?
  10. Do you have links to more FAQ’s? 
    1. Disability benefits  Attorney Website
  11. Can we see a sample response to a website visitors questions?
  12. Do I automatically get  Medi – Cal? (Medicaid?)
    1. Nolo – Yes

Attorney’s that can help you through the maze.

California Social Security    ♦   Daniel Hantman, Esq. ♦  Helene Hoffman Esq ♦ Elkind & Shea (Maryland and a few other East Coast States)


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Get your OWN private Employer Group or Individual Disability Coverage while you are still healthy and working.

6 comments on “Social Security Disability – SSDI

  1. I was just approved for SSDI on June 8th 2017, I am at week 4 of waiting to receive my back pay and first monthly payment. I unexpectanly received a SSP check in the mail this evening.

    I know nothing about this program, will I continue to receive this benefit monthly along with my SSDI benefits ??????

  2. Hello,
    First, I would like to tell you that I am still homeless and because of New Jersey’s laws concerning shelter stay, I had to relocate to New York. My time was up in all the shelters in New Jersey. My new address can be given. *But please continue to forward my mail to my P. O. Box.
    Also, I am still waiting to hear from social security to send me a court date. I am also waiting to receive a disc that contains all of my personal information. I have not received it yet. 1. Why is it taking so long?
    2. How can my information and paperwork be transferred to New York? And 3. Can you help me obtain a legal aide lawyer? Thank you for your time. xxx-xx-3617

  3. I receive SSI/SSA monthly. I am a Brittle Diabetic. I suffer with Juvenile Mellitus Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes and am insulin dependant.

    By definition, my “BRITTLE” condition makes it very hard to control my blood glucose levels. I am on a 2900 calorie diet and am required to eat several small meals per day to adequately sustain a healthy A1C level. Basically, FOOD IS ESSENTIAL TO MY SURVIVAL.

    My SSI/SSA alots me $910.14 per month. My housing alone is $1170 per month, not including utilities. Fortunately, I have a live in Caretaker who receives IHSS [In Home Supportive Services] to assist me for 79 hours per month that helps me with my rent.

    IHSS does not provide a food allotment, so we’re ultimately a 2 person household surviving on a measurably low income with an allotment for food of only $156.40 per month.

    I am forced to utilize PACE/HEAP every year to pay insurmountable LADWP bills.
    Fortunately though, our SoCalGas bill is income based and is somewhat manageable by paying it every 3-4 months.

    However, I continue to struggle every single month with too little food. Consequently, I am proportionately under weight and unable to maintain my 2900 calorie Diabetic diet.

    DPSS.LACOUNTY has informed me that I am not eligible to receive CalFresh because I receive SSI/SSA which supposedly includes an allotment for food through SSP.


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