Social Security Publications relating to Disability, SSI, SSDI

What you need to know to get Social Secuirty Disabiltiy Benefits # 10153

Disability Benefits # 10029

Reviewing your Disability Publication # 10068

How Social Security deceides if you are still disabled # 10053

Check list for what’s needed on the application 001

Appeals Process  10041

Medicare # 10043

Supplemental Security Income # 11125

CA State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP) 

Benefits for Children with Disabilities #10026

Benefits for Children # 10085

How to get a benefit verification letter # 10552

The Red Book – Employment Support for SSDI and SSI

Working while disabled 10095

Ticket to Work Program

How International Agreements can help you # 10180

Social Security for Foreign Governments # 10566

MORE Social Security Publications on their website

3 comments on “Publications – SSDI, SSI

  1. Steve,

    My sister is 64 years old and has been receiving SSDI for many years as she is unable to work due to her disability.


    ***We will answer your question on this new page.

  2. My son is age 27 on SSI for Autism. He qualified for Medi-Cal. When I turn 65 in June and qualify for Medicare – will that qualify him for Medicare too?

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